7 reasons to start your day with this drink .. Know them

Making some changes in your daily routine may have a significant positive impact on human health. Surprisingly, some of these changes are quite simple, for example, drinking lemon water before breakfast, which the Cleveland Clinic website reveals 7 important benefits:

1- Improve digestion
The acid in lemon, in particular, helps supplement stomach acids, which decrease with age, leading to improved digestion.

2- Moisturize the body
Not many people drink enough water, and maintaining a habit of drinking lemon water daily is a good way to hydrate your body.

3- It has excess weight
Drinking lemon water at least 20 days a month eliminates belly fat and reduces waist measurement.

4- Antioxidant
Lemon contains plant nutrients or substances that protect the human body from diseases. These plant nutrients have strong antioxidant properties, protecting against oxidation from the inside out.

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