Red onions or white .. Which is better for human health?

The colors of the onion vary, so what is red, yellow, white or even green, does this diversity of colors reflect a different nature in the nutritional value of them?

In this report, we compare two common types of onions: red on the inside and outside, and yellow with golden rind, but on the inside, it is white in color,

as well as American white onions from the inside and outside.

Red onions help fight germs and infections, and oils reduce the severity of coughs and head colds.

This type of onion reduces the sensitivity of the body because it contains a substance that helps inhibit the action of stimulating hormones for allergies accompanied by itching and runny nose.

The white onion is an important antiseptic for the mouth of bacteria and germs and also addresses respiratory problems, such as infections of the lungs, nose, and throat as well as the trachea.

White onions alleviate the severity of asthma symptoms, treat colds and help cure coughs and get rid of sputum.

White onions play a role infertility in men, by stimulating blood circulation, as well as helping to keep the body’s cells from being damaged.

Onions, whatever their color, contain several minerals and various vitamins important to the human body, and is a low-calorie vegetable.

Given the benefits of both red onions and white onions, it is difficult to give up either, because they contain large nutrients, albeit slightly different from one to the other.

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